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Almost all visitors are required to obtain visa in advance to enter Vietnam. Depending on the nationality, the travellers can apply for Vietnam visa at the embassy/consulate in foreign countries or apply online to get Visa On Arrival or E visa.

Asia Travel Links is pleased to be an E-commercial website in Vietnam providing "processing Vietnam visa". We offer useful services to help customers understand the visa application, visa processing and visa requirements related to Visa On Arrival and E visa.

1. Visa on arrival (VOA) information

Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA) is valid for travellers entering Vietnam by airplane only and it is a convenient and fast way to get Vietnam visa, without visiting Vietnam Embassy. With this type of visa, the applicants are required to get visa approval letter in advance then get stamp right at Vietnam airport.

2. E visa information

Vietnam E visa (Electronic visa) is valid for travellers to enter Vietnam by air, land ports or seaports within 1 month, single entry only and this type of visa is available for citizens from 80 eligible countries. The E visa letter is only accepted at one entry port that you choose. You cannot change the arrival ports once E visa is issued. 

Vietnam Visa FAQs

No. You cannot. You can just enter Vietnam on/after the arrival date and leave before/on the exit date specified in your e-Visa or Visa approval letter.

No, you cannot. You have to get printed visa approval letter before hand, and bring it together with passport and photos to arrival airport in Vietnam to get your official visa stamped. If not, you might encounter trouble at the arrival airport.

If you get Visa on arrival letter, you can use it at another airport in Vietnam. If you get an Evisa letter, you cannot change the arrival airport.

You must complete a new e-Visa application. The previous e-Visa application will be cancelled once the new e-Visa is issued.

You can get photos taken right at the arrival airports in Vietnam. It costs some USD depending on each airports.

The validity period of your Visa letter begins from the date specified in your approved Visa document. You can enter Vietnam on any date within this validity period and leave the country before/on the expired date of your visa.

No. Payments for e-Visa applications are non-refundable.

If you wish to stay longer, you can apply for visa extension directly at Vietnam Immigration Department or apply through a travel company.

For visa on arrival, you need to pay stamping fee in cash at Vietnam airport. It costs:
-  25USD for 1/ 3 month single entry visa
-  50USD for 1/3 month multiple entry visa
-  95USD for 6 month multiple entry
-  135USD for 1 year multiple entry visa

Travelers from following countries are exempted from visa for a certain amount of time:

- Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia citizens: maximum stay up to 30 days.
- Philippines: up to 21 days
- Brunei and Myanmar: up to 14 days

- South Korea, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belarus and France: maximum stay of up to 15 days with specific conditions by Vietnam Government 's Law. Please double check before applying.
- Chile citizens: 90 days

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the information is correct and up to date, there may be changes which we are not aware of.

To apply for visa on arrival, you can follow 3 steps below:
Step 1: Fill the application online and make payment.
Step 2:  Check your email to get visa approval letter after 2 working days 
Step 3: Print the letter to check in flights and get stamped on your passport at Vietnam airport. You should prepare cash for stamping fee to pay at the airport.

You can follow 3 steps below to apply for E visa:
Step 1: Fill the application and upload photo online and make payment.
Step 2: Download e visa letter sent by email and print it out.
Step 3: Use the visa letter at the entry gate to enter Vietnam. You do not need to pay stamping fee at the gate.

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